Just another Vancouver Canucks appreciating blog. I love the Swedish trio consisting of Henrik and Daniel Sedin, and Alexander Edler (though particularly fond of Henke), Roberto Luongo, Alexandre Burrows, and Jannik Hansen. My boys are flawless and precious, and I refuse to hear otherwise. (x)

Oh my gosh Canucks

Trevor Linden completes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [x]

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Daniel & Henrikā€™s tiebreaker ends in a tie (+)

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Sedin VS Sedin Trophy presentation: (x)

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Henrik & Daniel proving that they have some creepy twin telepathy shit going on (x)


Roberto Luongo continues to hurt me [x]

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the nhl in review
2013-14 season
team 28 of 30

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Eddie Lack - @eddielack [insp]

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